Forex Training

By Professional Trader & Trading coach

MR. TAMIL BEST TRADER IN ASIA -2015 supports forex traders to do fx-trades efficiently. Without the proper knowledge, most of the people lost their wealth in Forex trading. With the aid of price action trading strategy, a lot of traders Benefited this forex training classes in trained more than 1000 of forex traders. Online currency trading training class includes the Basics of Forex, trading strategy, Forex money management and Trading psychology. Basics of forex trading. The Basics of forex trading Paper explains How forex market Works? , Types of forex trading, How to predict the Next market Move? What is forex Fundamental trading? What is Forex technical trading? How fundamental and technical trading strategy Differs? and Basic pattern Formation. This forex trading course was designed by Best forex traders who have more than 10 years of Experience in Forex trading. The course covers each and every possibility in forex trading. Forex Trading Strategies. Generally, the Forex Trading strategy is classified into Two; 1. Fundamental Trading Strategy 2. Technical Trading Strategy In spite of this, the forex traders also classified as Fundamental traders & Technical traders. The trading strategy and the approach towards the market will differ, Our trading strategy was derived by Experienced traders who are all known as the Best currency traders. Our Price action trading Training Classes know as the Best forex price action trading in . Learn the Best forex trading Course and step aside from Failures. Best Forex Money / Risk Management. In forex trading, the rate of success will differ from one to another. While trading, our money management plan determines the Financial success. An action without proper plan execution will lead to failure. Similarly, Booking a trade without a reason or A Wrong trade Execution will tend a Failure. Our Forex Fund management class helps traders to handle their Money efficiently, An efficient Money management plan saves you from Unwanted failures. With the aid of Best Forex money management plan, our students can precisely make Success trades. The trade success rate is always more than 85%. Learn the Best forex trading course with and evolve your online currency trading strategy to the Next Level. Learn the Best online currency trading strategy course in . Forex Trading Psychology. Controlling our Emotions determines the Success in the Forex Market. Most of the Experienced Forex traders face the Failure only because of their Emotional Greed, Market Revenge, Unwanted trade attempt and their Loss anger. Usually, Forex traders mindset will swings like the Forex Signals. Our Trade training course controls their emotions towards the market and grooms their trading Mentality the Forex psychology classes conducted by the Most Experienced traders. Our trading classes are available in also. Learn the Best Forex Fund Management course in to Groom your Forex trading Experience. Enrol Now!! Be the part of the Best forex training Academy in India. For more Forex trade Signals, Ideas, Strategies Visit: the Best Forex Signal Provider in . The whole idea and the trading course is derived by Mr Senthamizharasu Best forex trader Award Winner. Register Now!!! Learn the Best Forex trading training Course in India and stand a chance to get the Financial Success.

Forex training classes available in two Forms


Onsite Fx-trade training classes conducted physically (one to one with special care) NO GROUP CLASSES Max.3 at a time.


Offsite Forex trading courses held in online through Teamviewer, Skype or Any online desk with that we access your computer/laptop and train you in live.

Forex Course Duration

Forex training classes conduct for 15 Days. Classes handled in three levels rather this 15 days class is enough to know the nook and corner of the Forex market even if you're a beginner.(Classes conducted for approx.60 min per day.)


1 (First 5 days)

In the level-1 you'll get the forex basics, technical trading strategy knowledge and how forex market works.


2 (Second 5 days)

The second Level training classes primarily covers Money Management tactics with demo account. Even experienced traders often fail in Money Management and face failures.


3 (Third 5 days)

The important Key for Success has been taught in Level 3 (i.e) Trading Psychology. While trading controlling our emotions decides the level of Success.

Forex Training Course Package


You'll get a soft copy of the Course Syllabus.

Class Timings:

60 Minutes/day (on your comfortable)


India/ Online

Course Type:

Beginners, Advanced & Pro.


You'll get a Free e-book about forex trading and trading strategies.

Available Languages:

English, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu.


A free live account with Bonus 50US$.

Course Duration:

15 Days (Complete Support)

Courses Timing

Classes are available in Morning/ Afternoon and Evening till 8.00pm. You can choose the suitable timing for you. Each class will last around 60 minutes. The timing/schedule of your class always up-to YOU.

For Appointment: 99866 49983,

For Trading Account Open: 96003 29983

What are the Advantages of My
Forex Trading Strategy?

Tension-Free Trading

No need to monitor the market for a long time


Daily-earnings from 50$-100$ with 0.10 lot size

Efficient profit Making

Teaches How to make profit easily

Easy strategy

No complicated stuff. Easily Understandable for anyone

Safe Risk: Reward Ratio

Traders safety is our first concern this strategy designed with reasonable Risk Actions

Gradual Investment Growth

With our trading strategy raise your Investment with solid returns

Works for all

Whether you're a Beginner or Experienced

No Specifications

The strategy works on all kind of pairs


Free life-time Unlimited Support from anywhere, anytime

Success Rate

With this strategy, our fellow traders have more 80% success rate

Money Management Covered

The course includes Efficient money management plan

Start trading from Low Investment

This course helps traders to make sound returns even with very small Investment

How much you can Earn?

With this strategy, you can earn ~50 US$ to 100 US$ daily

With the Investment of 2000 US$ along with this strategy, you can earn around 1150 US$ in a Month.

  • Investment :


  • Trade Pair :


  • Num.of trades :

    1/ day

  • Lot size :

    0.10 Mini lot

  • Profit Pips :

    50 pips/day ~3581=50$

  • Total trading Days :

    30 days

  • Total Profit :

    1500 US$

  • Profit Cumulation :

    In the 30 days, If the market reversed or stop loss got hit for 7 days means, Solidly you can make 1150 US$.


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